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Jan. 15th, 2020

| phone | come again?

Voicemail | Contact Post

"This is Dean's other-other cell.  So...you know what to do."

This post acts as an in-game voicemail for Dean and and out of game place
to contact the mun.  Please indicate whether the comment is
ic or ooc.  Feel free to leave Dean a message and he'll get back to you
or drop an ooc line here if you want to plot/RP with/start a verse with Dean.

Aug. 28th, 2019

| highway

Concerning Dean Winchester; essay collection

 An on-going series of essays by me, explaining my personal head-canon regarding Dean's psychology.  

I.  Daddy Issues & the Batman Complex
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Jan. 14th, 2019

| impala cruisin

how's my driving?

How's My Driving?                   

You know the drill.
All comments screened.
Anon is available as an option.
Comments, complaints, questions, concerns, critiques, etc. all welcome.

Feb. 4th, 2018

| triad of awesome

character relationship meme;

Comment here with your character's name for a big block of text (ooc) about how mine feels about yours.

As long as we've interacted a few times,
it'll be tailored to your specific version of the char,
so feel free, for example, to ask about your Sam,
even if there's another Sam I've already answered for, etc. etc.

banner by [info]nito_punk 

It doesn't matter how old this post is,
feel free to comment~

Nov. 6th, 2011

counted_stars tracking | august | completed

Bro-powers activate!Collapse )
| walk ten paces then draw

counted_stars tracking | september | completed

Thursday, Sept 1st

+  An infected Jo turns into a rakghoul and Buffy and Sam enlist Dean's help in fighting it.  Sam & Dean realize they only have one choice:  they have to kill it, even if the thing is Jo.  It's really angsty:  Dean can hardly bring himself to do it and afterwards sheds a single manly tear and refuses to talk to anyone ever about it.

Tues, Sept 6th

+  Jo's zombie incident makes the Captain a little paranoid about anyone getting sick on his boat, so when Sylar gets the sniffles, Dean does the logical thing and puts him on lockdown in the panic room.  Brennan later helps Sylar escape.
+  Dean welcomes Elle back again.
+  He ends up going for a drink with Black Widow that night.

Thurs, Sept 8th

+  Dean signs him and Sam up for Buffy's raid of Crimson Terror HQ to find the cure for the virus.

Tues, Sept 13th

+  Jo comes back to life, and after talking to Sam about why Dean's avoiding her, she goes to find him, and he sucks at talking about it.  No one is surprised.  But she manages to get him to sing REO Speedwagon for her, because he's feeling so guilty, which leads to them having a ~moment~, and she tells him that if he ever makes up his mind about what he wants with her, she's there, and the sexual tension mounts a bunch until he kisses her.  And then cockblocks himself because he actually doesn't like the idea of having sex with her while she's in the emotionally screwed up place of having come back from the dead that day ... right after he KILLED her.   That's right, he actually turns down sex.  Mark your calendars.

Wed, Sept 14th

+  Dean talks to Sam (Flynn) about what he's been up to, and Sam declines to assist on the cure run, because of his fears of facing his father :C
+  Dean, Sam, and Cordelia team up to raid the Crimson Terror and they do some exciting raiding

Sunday, Sept 18th

+  Dean greets Buffy's kid sister.

Thurs, Sept 22nd

+  Dean mistrusts Sylar's optimism.  And makes accusations about his sexuality.
+  Dean offends Tali's entire life multiple times and suggests Quarians are all born with AIDS.  Shepard can't even.gif his iife.
+  Dean recruits Sulu to be the enterprise's helmsman!  And learns what a helmsman is....
+  And fails to recruit (or pick up)  Uhura.

Sun, Sept 25th

+  Dean meets Mordin and pisses off Jack some more.
+  Buffy tries to get a ride from Dean to Korriban to help Jacen, but he can't get her there fast enough

Mon, Sept 26th

+  Nu!Kirk arrives and Dean fears losing his ship/crew/captain status :C

Wed, Sept 28th

+ Dean goes to the festival and is offended by the lack of pie, but Vietnam provides for him, and Dawn shares some with him too.  Sylar & Dean talk about taking a beach vacay to Mon Cal.
+  He also hits up all the kissing booths:  Lily, Buffy (but only to measure hunterchan dicks), Cordelia, and Isabela
+  He gets a tarot reading from Willow and trolls Jack's facepainting stand
+  He gets his flirt on with Inara, and talks to her about dead people being alive here and stuff.
+  Jo, Dean, Sylar, and Sam go to watch the fireworks, which makes Dean all nostalgic inside.  Jo is googly eyed over Dean which makes Sylar a sulky puppy.

Thur, Sept 29th

+ Dean meets Ron Burgandy and is not impressed
+  And mistakes Constantine for a demon, and they talk about hell

Nov. 5th, 2011

counted_stars tracking | october | completed

Sun, October 2nd

    +  Dean meets Shepard's newest scary crewmate, Wrex
    +  Dean and Cordy discuss their mutual egos in the wake of their festival kiss
    +  When a certain trenchcoated angel arrives, Sam and Jo warn him about Dean's chrono impairment.  Dean and Castiel proceed to get off to a smashingly awkward start.
    + Castiel and Nathan Young discuss the threat of the human centipede.  Dean's not even involved, I just never want to lose this link.

Mon, Oct 3rd

   +  Dean hits on an AI because it sounds like Tricia Helfer
   + Dean is not afraid of dark elves and all that World of Warcraft shit
   +  He asks McCoy for some hangover cures

rest o the monthCollapse )
| huzzawhat now

counted_stars tracking | november | in progress

Tuesday, Nov 1st

  +  On the way back from Aquarius, the submersible is attacked by a gigantic tentacular kraken monster, because that's just their luck.
      With the help of everyone on board, Dean manages to make things worse  help kill it.
  +  During the fight, Sylar's powers are revealed, so afterwards, Dean confronts him on the beach, and they beat each other up, Fight Club style.
  +  After getting healed up by Cas, Dean spends most of his night hacking up the krakana carcass and grilling it up, so everyone can enjoy some beach tailgating that night before they leave.  During the evening, he talks to Buffy about Spike and they form a semi-truce, Spike manages to gross him out, he offends Xander's delicate culinary sensibilities, and then he confronts Jo about keeping Sylar's powers a secret from him, and they agree not to keep anything else from each other.  She says it's up to Dean about whether to keep Sylar on board or not, and then pitches the idea of setting up a roadhouse HQ on Coruscant, which he ends up agreeing to.

Wed, Nov 2nd

   +  Dean talks to Claire about these wacky dreams, who is busy thinking about Sylar's implications that they're dating
   +  Dean talks cars with Tony Stark.  Sorta.
   +  Dean loves daddy issues.  Constantine should too.
   +  He talks to Catty about how the world turns or... doesn't, back home

Thurs, Nov 3rd
    + Event: Dean wakes from a nightmare about kissing some dude and talks to Jo about it and her pregnancy nightmare.  And then goes and gets a beer from the kitchen and talks to Buffy.

Fri, Nov 4th

   +  In the morning, Dean takes a moment to troll the Normandy crew, and admire Jack and Joker's handiwork
   +  Event:  Dean also has to face up to talking to Amy Pond re: his horrible dude-kissing nightmare
   +  A mysterious nebula causes the entire Enterprise crew to pass out and then wake up with no memory of who they are or how they got there.  Hilarious shenanigans ensue.   Dean thinks his name is Jim Kirk, and that they've been abducted by aliens.  They find Dean's fake passenger manifest full of classic rock names, and figure those must be theirs.  Buffy is Joan Jett, Xander is Alexander VanHalen, etc. etc.

Sat, Nov 5th

+  Dean hits it off s-so well with Vala 8|

Sun, Nov 6th

Dean suits up and announces the Enterprise II is docked.  And has some business to take care of.
     - Sulu suggests they talk to Kaylee Frye about being the new ship Engineer since they're giving Sylar the boot
     - Dean and Jo go shopping for a building to house the Roadhouse
     - Cas and Dean talk about the impending plans to face hellhounds and reaffirm Cas' role in it
     - Dr. Daniel Jackson asks Dean exactly what it is the Enterprise crew does
     - Dean tells Sylar he's got to leave the ship.
     - Buffy and Dean have a remarkably civil conversation.
     - Spike has to troll.
     - Catty talks to Dean about Nar Shaddaa
     - Dean explains the game plan to Vietnam

+  And that night, Ellen Harvelle shows up, throwing everyone off.
+  And Dean catches up with the exploding Scoobie drama surrounding Buffy going to take on Angel.  And offers to help her find a way to hold him.
+  And then finds Sam at the bar and they argue over Buffy's approach, but Dean fills him in on the plan to turn the panic room into a vamp prison.

Mon, Nov 7th

+ And the Roadhouse crew expands as Ash shows up
+  He talks to Jack about her dreamshare experience

Tues, Nov 8th

+Dean & Sam are sent coordinates of Coruscant and come to one conclusion:  Dad's back.  Jo & Cas offer to help them find him.

Oct. 25th, 2011

| triad of awesome

counted_stars : Enterprise II Crew & Ship info

Enterprise Crew | PresentCollapse )

Enterprise Crew | PastCollapse )


Make: Corellian
Type:  Cruiser
Model:  Early Corvette, a smaller version of the CR90 developed many millenia in the future
Crew: Can hold up to 15 comfortably; requires a crew of about 6-7 minimum operations

Layout includes:

Captain's quarters
Engineering Deck
Shipboard bar
6 other individual quarters
Barracks with bunks
Hidden smuggling compartments

The ship has had shielding and weapons upgrades courtesy of Czerka Corp.

Oct. 19th, 2011


Dean on the horror movie meme

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| sexy car lean

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