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Dean Winchester
24 January
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| Dean Winchester | the good soldier

Canon: Supernatural

Personality: Dean's life has been fairly defined by fulfilling the 'good soldier' role. It meshes well with his instincts - he is, at the core, the big goddamn hero type. However, he's also capable of being so notoriously stubborn, that it's almost a surprise how easily he'd bend to his father's orders. In truth, his desire for his father's acceptance and respect has been one of the driving forces in his life: whereas Sam managed to step away from the path they were born into, if only for a little while, Dean's stuck to it every inch of the way. His entire personality's been crafted to fit the business: he doesn't form attachments quickly, except to the people involved in his line of work, the skills he's mastered and knowledge he's memorized all have to do with ways to most effectively hunt, track, and/or destroy demons and other supernatural baddies, and he has a sense of humor that takes things other would consider horrific lightly.

The most important thing to Dean is family, probably evidenced best by the fact that he sold his soul to save his brother, and he refuses to accept what the angels and devil see as the inevitability of him and Sam being used as vessels for a battle of Apocalyptic dimensions.

Dean comes across as a real 'man's man', indulging in women, booze, pie, classic rock, cars, and guns, and bashing on anything he considers to be below his tough guy image. It takes a lot to shake him to the point of tears. He's always ready to face things with (maybe too much) bravado, and probably some foul language, just to spice things up.
| Counted Stars RP info | no turnin' back

Timeline: Post S3

This information applies specifically to Dean in the game counted_stars, where his Sam is imnot_likeyou.

Dean's died and gone to heaven. Or more specifically, Star Wars world. But things aren't all blasters and gold metal bikinis: the boys have landed in the middle of a war, and it looks like they're gonna have to choose a side.
| Disclaimer and credits |

This character is currently active in the RP counted_stars.

Disclaimer: I am not Dean Winchester, Jensen Ackles, or anyone affiliated with Supernatural. No profit made here. RP purposes only.

This journal contains spoilers for the current season and episodes of Supernatural. If you don't want to spoiled, stay away.

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